By Richard Goldsworthy

Music for Solo Piano

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Hi, I'm Richard Goldsworthy and I create music for Solo Piano… music which I hope you'll find tranquil, soothing, melodic and uplifting.

Much of my music is inspired by some of the unique and special places I've lived and visited…  from my early childhood in Tropical North Queensland, to Kyoto, Japan where I wrote my album “Silk”,  to the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and the expansive Red Deserts of Arizona where I worked on my latest album “Lifted”… and of course also the magnificent beaches, forests and mountains of The Sunshine Coast where I now live, which inspired my album “The Quietening” and where I also created my latest work, “In This Moment”.

I've also been fortunate to record my music in a wonderful studio on a beautiful Bosendorfer Grand Piano, an instrument which for me truly captures the lilt, sensitivity and resonance of the Solo Piano. So do come in and listen, explore, feel, experience and enJOY… and please feel welcome to get in touch (via email or Facebook) if there’s anything at all you’d like to know!

“I would challenge anyone to listen to this music and not become very quickly relaxed... perfect for meditation and massage environments, and a great CD to play to help with sleep. Highly recommended.”     - The Art of Healing Magazine

"Those with an ear for this style of playing will be impressed... Richard Goldsworthy has clearly succeeded in his aim to  capture the raw beauty of the solo piano.“  -  Barfly Magazine

“Afterglow” from my album, “In This Moment”

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“In This Moment”

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