By Richard Goldsworthy

Music for Solo Piano

1 .A New Beginning

4. A Quiet Place

10. Winterland

13. The Healing Waves

2. Morning Light

3. Echoes of Sky

11. A Walk in the Wildflowers

5. On A Whim

6. River of Love

7. Dance of The Ancients

8. To Be Gently Held

9. Into The Stillness

12. Starlight Lullaby

14. Passage

15. A Quiet Place (reprise)

Winter of 2008 turned out to be an intensely creative time for me. It was perhaps a disguised blessing that Australia’s East Coast experienced its coldest winter season in 60 years - indeed the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and focus on creating new music!

     Music for The Quietening was composed during several “writing retreats” in some of the places that I find most beautiful, calm and inspiring close to where I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  I visited the ancient rainforests of The Bunya Mountains, The imposing Glasshouse Mountains and Blackall Range, and stayed in a rustic mud brick cottage with no electricity (but lots of candles and a great fireplace) on a hill in the the Noosa Hinterland .

     When recording The Quietening, it was a pleasure to re-unite with the talented folk at Grevillea Studios, Brisbane and their amazingly beautiful 12ft Bosendorfer Grand Piano. As was the case with my previous CD releases, they have again produced a recording of first class quality. I also re-recorded several tracks the day after the original session, not because they were incorrect, but just to ensure that the tempo of each piece, while not exactly the same, gently flowed from one to the next.

            I truly believe this to be the most inspired, focused and joyous I have ever felt while creating music. It is now my hope that you, the listener will be able to feel for yourself some of the absolute love, calm, gratitude and connectedness I experienced while making this album.

“Echoes of Sky” from “The Quietening”

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“The Quietening”

Composer’s Notes

I recently purchased "The Quietening" for my 9 week old son. The Music on this cd is just magical! Your Music brings harmony to his ears and mine. I never thought I had a quiet place to go to, your music has helped me find my inner peace. "The Quietening" has made a huge difference in our lives. My son now sleeps peacefully and is so much more relaxed as I am more relaxed around him now. Thank you for the Tranquility you have brought into our lives through the Beautiful Sounds of the Piano.  Krysty, Brisbane Qld

Hi Richard, Just writing to say how much I really love your CD'The Quietening'.

All of your CD's are great but there is something extra special about the Quietening. It is so soothing and comforting. It touches me deeply and occasionally brings a tear to my eye. Your songs really make my spirit smile... I really appreciate your sharing of your gift of creating beautiful music.  Matt Brown, Port Hedland W.A.

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