By Richard Goldsworthy

Music for Solo Piano

4. Joy


Composer’s Notes

5. Flying Alone

6. The Wave

7. Prelude… Before The Rain

8. After The Storm

1. Heartspace

4. Joy

10. In This Moment

13. Afterglow

2. Diving Into Love

3. The Wonder

11. Ave Maria

12. Beloved

14. The Swan

15. The Golden Thread

9. Winterlight

 This is the most calm, gentle and intimate music I have ever recorded and composed. As well as 13 of my original works, this album also features re-interpretations of 2 pieces by my favourite composer, JS Bach.

  My intention is for the music from In This Moment to open our hearts to the deepest, richest and most beautiful levels of love that we can experience. Not just physical or partnership love - although of course that is a big part of it for many of us - but also the love one feels for parents, children, grandchildren, pets, nature, our home, our country, a sunset, God… you get the idea.

   So to create the music I embarked on my own personal “journey of love” if you like - a quest to take myself to the deepest and most intimate places of love that I could, and to feel an experience them as wholly as I was able to. And let me tell you it was quite a journey!

   I had moments of beauty so profound that I struggled to capture them in music, moments of joy and connectedness so blissful that I never wanted them to end, and also moments of deep disappointment and despair that at the time absolutely tore at the fabric of my soul. But it is said that without experiencing darkness one cannot truly know light, so in reflection I am grateful for each experience I had and I wouldn't change any of them.

  So these pieces of music are the Moments from my journey of love. I invite you to listen, to feel, and to experience them with me… and then to take them into your heart to create your own Moments… Moments of joy and inspiration, moments of calm and quiet reflection, moments of holding hands and of touching souls.  

  At one time we were told we should walk through the world as beings of light. I feel now that we can most honour ourselves, enhance our relationships with others, and assist humanity by walking through the world as beings of Love. To think, to speak and to act from a place of love in every moment. To see everything as love in some form. Of course there are times this can be a challenge, but I believe it's a challenge that we're now ready to meet.

   That's what I'm planning to do anyway, as best I can from now on, in each and every Moment. Would you like to come along for the ride?

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Composer’s Notes

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